Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Can I actually do this?!?

So everyone who knows me knows that I tend to well.... Procrastinate A LOT! So I'm going to cut myself some slack for the rest of this month and buckle down starting in April! So I have a few things I can start on. Although I know there are many more things I need to do than what's on this list. But it's a start anyway!!

1. Set a budget.. And stick to it! I need to stop spending $$$ on stupid crap!

2. Buckle down on my much needed wedding planning! Only 6 1/2 months left! Eeeek!!

3. Spring cleaning! Reorganize Lucas's room, get rid of toys he doesn't play with. (Either ship to my mother's house or pack up and put on Craigslist along with his outgrown clothes!)

4. Cook atleast 2 new dessert recipes a month and 2 new dinner recipes a month. That shouldn't be to hard to do right?

5. Get back to reading a half hour before bed. I was getting so much reading done. Now... Not as much.

6. Bond with my Cricket. I just HAD to have this and well.. I never use it! I need to use it for my wedding so why not start?!?

7. ATLEAST 1 new creative fun thing to do with the kids a month. Soooo many cool, fun, and SIMPLE ideas from Pintrest! I can say I've done a few. But not nearly what I should do!

8. Start browsing around for deals on honeymoon spots. Anywhere thats not OHIO and is decent priced and fun for the BOTH of us!

9. Spending more one on one time with my hunny! Even if it's just a movie and popcorn after we put Lucas to bed. Plenty of time to do so before we go to sleep ourselves.

10. Go through my cupboards, pantry, stockpile, and freezers to see what I have and use what has been there for awhile. I have so much and need to use what I HAVE instead of buying new!

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