Monday, March 11, 2013

Schick Hydro Silk shaver review !



I was sent the Schick Hydro Silk shaver to try and review. I was so excited when I was asked to join this campaign! I am always buying and trying the new razors!

I liked the razor. I didn't love it. It works really good, My legs are soft and I don't need shaving cream. So yes I like it. But I do not think that it is any different from the other Schick razors. It doesn't seem much different from one of the other razors that Schick released in the passed. When my Bzzkit came I was so excited to try the new Schick Razor. When I opened it, I will admit I was sorta bummed. My first thought was "Didn't I already have this before?" But I wasn't going to let that stop me from keeping a open mind.

It has a a moisture strip above the blades which moisturizers your skin. You don't even need shaving cream! Sharp blades which are a must! It has a suction cup to hold your razor in the shower (which is super nice when there are small hands in the house!), its lightweight and easy to use. The price is average at about $9.99.

So final thought. It's a pretty good razor so far. I don't know how long the blades will last but I've been using it for a few weeks and it still works just as good as when I opened it. I'd recommend it to a friend. Unless they already had a Schick razor then I'd say this isn't probably much of a difference.

-I'm a BzzAgent and the above products I received free.