Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I finally said "I do"


On Friday July 13th I finally gave up the single life and married Lee. Lol! Actually the day was perfect. It went so smooth it was amazing!

I stayed at my parents house the night before so Lee could stay with the kids at the house. When My alarm went off I just wanted to hit off and go back to sleep. I was tired and NERVOUS! My heart was already racing and it was only 8 am!
I made sure my parents were both awake and hit Kroger for breakfast Goodies! I was determined to try and eat! And the kids were being dropped off to me around 9-10 am. So I picked up muffins, doughnuts, cinnamon rolls and of course Orange juice!.. I had a muffin and coffee. And that was all that hit my stomach until dinner!
Tiff came over to do our hair. She cut my dads first. Then my turn! It took awhile but the end result was gorgeous! But then again Tiff never does a bad job! She then did Mandy's and my moms.... Time to load the car, pick up bouquets and get to the church!
I was so ungodly nervous! My hands were trembling as I did my mascara! Lol. I got the kids ready, then mom and Mandy got ready then was the hard part... Me! Took awhile to get my dress on without messing up my hair! And took even longer lacing the back of my dress up since it was a corset top.
Finally everyone was ready and it was time. When I stood outside the door hearing the songs change to my son. Michelle featherstone " we are man and wife" I started to panic a little bit. There was a certain part I was to start walking at. She sang and my dad was telling me I'd be fine. The was the part "and now we are man and wife" and I tapped my dad with my elbow and said, "ok dad, let's go!" and we walked. We got around the the corner (and my dad stepped on my dress lol) and I looked up and saw Lee standing up there. I saw he had tears in his eyes and I looked away, straight forward. I just kept telling myself to breathe. I was shaking so bad! I didn't even hear half of the what the pastor was saying! Lol.. We wrote our own vows so we read them, lit the unity candle, and passed out the roses to our parents. His brother and sister took his mom (in heaven) and dad (in Florida recovering open heart surgery). Finally we said "I do" and kissed. We were married!
I was so overwhelmed but in a good way. I married my best friend. After the ceremony at the church we went to Botanical Gardens so Abby (a friend from high school) could take our pictures. I haven't recieved the cd yet just some that she has tagged me on Facebook and wow she did good!


I can't wait to see all the other pictures that she took!! I can't wait to get them printed and in albums, frames, and on my walls!!
We had a great time!... After pictures we went to Spaghetti Warehouse where we met our close friends and family. We were there for quite awhile talking, laughing and having fun. We cut the cake and smashed it in each others face! Lol. Although it was real icing and wouldn't smear real well. We still had a great time. Then we went on the party bus! All our friends family and we had a blast! ... Mandy loaded a cooler with beer and cupcake vodka for shortcake bombs! They were yummy! Laughing, blasting music, drinking while driving to the next stop.. It was fun. Had a great time!
I'm glad we decided not to have a huge wedding. That's not me. I don't really like being center of attention, being in front of a big crowd all eyes on me. Had a small ceremony, a nice dinner, and out for drinks after, all with only close friends and family. It was small and intimate. Memorable. I had a great nit with my husband :).



Saturday, July 21, 2012

Games and movies aren't the cause!

I don't understand how people think. A guy kicks in the emergency exit door wearing a gas mask and throws a can of tear gas out and opens fire, shooting randomly. Many injured and several die. Ages ranging from 3 months to 45 years of age. What do people talk about? Why would a parent bring a 3 month old to a movie theater that late at night. It had to of been the media that made him snap. Movies and games are just so violent nowadays. I mean REALLY people!?! Really?

I don't understand how society can put blame on a video game or a violent movie. It's a movie. Fiction. Not real. Plain and simple. A violent movie isn't going to make you go out and buy a gun and kill people. This guy had this planned out. I've didn't just snap this was premeditated. He was already not right in the head. A sane person doesn't go in wearing a gas mask, throw a can of tear gas and shoot up the place. Not only did he kill and injure adults but he also killed and injured children. He had to of know children would be there. To me that's the sockets you can possibly get. Killing an innocent child. He was sick. Movies didn't make him this way. He can't blame it on video games.

People always want to put the blame on someone else. I'm not even saying the shooter is saying this. It's other people talking. It's something your born with or the type of environment you grew up in. Don't put the blame on an easy way out on something on t.v. I'm do sick and tired of hearing it! I grew up watching violent movies, playing with guns, and playing violent games and I am not a murderer.

I Took my 5 year old son to see this movie last night. He has seen The Dark Knight before also. Lucas is not violent in any way. I sensor some shows/movies but only nudity and scary movies. He gets nightmares from scary movies so I choose to not let him watch those. Violence and swearing is reality. I'm not going to shelter him. Some people think that's wrong. the media thinks violent movies and games make our kids grow up to act like this sicko!! I believe your born with a feeling to kill. It's in you from the day you were born. You born with a sickness. Normal people can't just shoot someone for revenge or just because. I do believe your upbringing and home environment can also play roles.

Say if your father was a leader of a gang and you grew up with him in and out of jail or killing and robbing people then your more likely to do the same as your grow up.. But seriously don't blame the tv and games!! Its just a place to point the blame. An excuse. Not reality!