Friday, May 24, 2013

Throwback Thursday!

So I did my blog yesterday and forgot to hit publish lol.


Throw back Thursday! Here are some pics from the past. I get sad some times looking at all the pictures from when Lucas was younger! But I love looking at them and remembering how much fun we had!

Here is Lucas when we were potty training him. He was just waking up from his nap. He was 2 here.
Daddy and Lucas putting in my flower bed. He was so cute wanting to help! I need to send this to his dad lol
We had family pictures done for his 2 yr pictures at JCP. Here is one of Lucas and I. I love is picture. Looks weird seeing me in glasses!
Lucas's one year pictures. Is is my absolute favorite!
Mandy and I 5 years ago at her Halloween party. She was a French maid and I was a candy nurse! Wow we look different. We both are skinnier now!
Lucas and Lex playing Horse the first fall Lee and I were together. Back in 2009


Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy this week

I got the idea from my favorite former teachers. I follow her blog and she does Happy this week every week. She writes all the different things that made her happy during the week. She has the most incredible stories. I just love reading what she has to say! So I figured I'd start!

This week was a really good week.

I had a fantastic Mother's Day!!! Although I had to work. (What else is new!) when I came home Lee and a Lucas really made my day! They really showed how much they appreciated me! I walked downstairs to get ready for work and Lee had a bouquet of daisies in a vase on the breakfast bar. When I came home he had 3 small gift bags with cards around the vase of flowers. So I opened up all my cards (4) lol then Lucas handed me one bag which was a bead for his birthstone for my bracelet. Then there was one for Lexi's, the last bag had a best mom charm (Lucas picked out by himself) and the Lions charm I had been wanting. So then my phone rings and I go to answer it and there was a sweet ass Detroit Lions case!.. Then Lee had a towel covering the stepping stones they made me so I couldn't tell what they were. They turned out amazing!!!! Best I've seen yet! Lucas made me a question book about mom in school. The answers are real cute lol, he also made me a flower all made out of his finger print with a poem, and planted a seed in small flower pot. They spoiled me! Then we did ice cream and ordered pizza. I wanted to stay in, all I do is work so being home was just what I wanted!


We also got all dressed up he was in a tie! Haha and I was in one of my favorite dresses I recently bought. And we went to his buddy's wedding.

Thursday it was gorgeous out! So we took the kids out for Mexican and ate on the patio. We all had a good time smashing on great food and goofing off. I needed that. I don't get that often anymore!

I've had a really good week. I'm getting used to working 7 days a week without a day off. I'm still tired but I think next week I may be FINALLY ready to start unpacking lol. Sad, real sad! Been here a month and Lee has done most of it lol!


Flashback Thursday

Pics from the past


Lee and Lucas our first Halloween together. Lucas was still in diapers.. Omg! I miss this age! Lucas was so grossed out by putting his hand in the pumpkin guts he just sat in my lap and watched lol.
Lucas's Thomas the Train faze. He was so obsessed with Thomas! He had everything Thomas! He was 2 1/2 in this pic. So adorable!

Lucas and his dad. I want my baby back! So tiny and handsome!!... His first year at the Renaissance Festival. That year the queen blessed him, it was so cool! He was only 4 mths here and I just love this picture!!


Friday, May 10, 2013

Oldnavy white jeans review!

I received a coupon in the mail for a pair of Old Navy white jeans for myself and a friend. I was asked by Crowd Tap to review the jeans that I purchased.

I probably wouldn't have purchased a pair if it wasn't for the mission from Crowd Tap. Not that I don't like Old Navy because I so. I but Lot of my clothes there, but because me and white clothes don't seem to see eye to eye lol. I always, I mean ALwAYS seem to attract something onto my white clothes lol. So needless to say I was excited to get a pair!

I love them! I got the Diva bootcut.! Super cute! Love them! They really give my outfit that pop for spring! Today I wore them with light pink old navy flip flops and a light blue and white checkered flannel with a black tank top under. It felt so light weight! And it totally gave me that spring/summer feel! I'm so glad that I got a pair! They are one of my favorite pants now! They are super comfy and light weight . Even if its hot you won't over heat in a pair!

They also aren't super expensive. (Sorry I don't remember the exact price) but definitely reasonable! They have a bunch of different types for different types of bodies! I love that!!

So if your looking to give your wardrobe that extra pop, head on over to Old Navy for a pair of super cute white jeans!