Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy this week

I got the idea from my favorite former teachers. I follow her blog and she does Happy this week every week. She writes all the different things that made her happy during the week. She has the most incredible stories. I just love reading what she has to say! So I figured I'd start!

This week was a really good week.

I had a fantastic Mother's Day!!! Although I had to work. (What else is new!) when I came home Lee and a Lucas really made my day! They really showed how much they appreciated me! I walked downstairs to get ready for work and Lee had a bouquet of daisies in a vase on the breakfast bar. When I came home he had 3 small gift bags with cards around the vase of flowers. So I opened up all my cards (4) lol then Lucas handed me one bag which was a bead for his birthstone for my bracelet. Then there was one for Lexi's, the last bag had a best mom charm (Lucas picked out by himself) and the Lions charm I had been wanting. So then my phone rings and I go to answer it and there was a sweet ass Detroit Lions case!.. Then Lee had a towel covering the stepping stones they made me so I couldn't tell what they were. They turned out amazing!!!! Best I've seen yet! Lucas made me a question book about mom in school. The answers are real cute lol, he also made me a flower all made out of his finger print with a poem, and planted a seed in small flower pot. They spoiled me! Then we did ice cream and ordered pizza. I wanted to stay in, all I do is work so being home was just what I wanted!


We also got all dressed up he was in a tie! Haha and I was in one of my favorite dresses I recently bought. And we went to his buddy's wedding.

Thursday it was gorgeous out! So we took the kids out for Mexican and ate on the patio. We all had a good time smashing on great food and goofing off. I needed that. I don't get that often anymore!

I've had a really good week. I'm getting used to working 7 days a week without a day off. I'm still tired but I think next week I may be FINALLY ready to start unpacking lol. Sad, real sad! Been here a month and Lee has done most of it lol!


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