Sunday, May 31, 2009

And then fun begins


I have started potty training Lucas. I think this is probably the hardest part of parenting. Well atleast the hardest part I've had to expierence so far how about that lol.

Lucas just started showing signs of being ready to train. When we went for his 2 year check up the doctor had asked me some questions. I answered no to all of them so she said not to start until he was ready. Well I had started unofficially. I bought him the potty and the potty chair and put him on it a few times. The first time I sat him on it he pee'd, but when we were clapping and getting excited he had no idea what he did. So I knew he wasn't ready. So 2 months after he turned 2 now he has been showing signs. He'll grab at his diaper when it's wet more than he ever did. Not every time but atleast half of the time. He'll bring you a diaper when he wants to be changed and just lay down. Which he used to throw a fit because he hated getting changed.

The only day this week he hasn't used the potty with success this week was Friday. But every other day he has pee'd atleast once for my mom, Dan or I. Usually it's only once a day. But hey it's a start! Yesterday it was twice!!!

I don't have to force him he goes up and pulls his pants down and I take off his diaper. Next month I'm ditching the diapers during the day and using cotton and rubber pants. I'll put a pull up on at night and when we leave the house. Hopefully this works as good as it did for my mother in law!

Wish me luck I know it can be stressfull! And I haven't even dealt with the hard parts yet!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday Mumbers...
Who originated the game!
21~ Hours Dan and I had to ourselves this weekend!!
89~ Dollars we spent on dinner at Mancy's Blue water grill (a fancy dinner without a toddler!)
2~ and a half hours we spent watching Angels and Demons (excellent movie!)
3~ Hours we spent playing with Lucas at the water park Sunday.
45~ Minutes it took to get him used to the water park before he enjoyed himself.
30~ Bags of top soil I have to buy for my flower garden tomorrow.
0~ Bags I'm actually going to open right after I buy them lol.
10~ Glasses of water I've drank today. (I'm so thirsty for some reason, and no I'm not hungover)
8~ Martini's I had on Thursday night, followed by
5~ drunken hours of sleep, followed by
8~ long hours spent at work hungover. lol
4~ Days of work this week! (Thank you holiday!)
1~ Day down and
3~ more left until Martini night!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Big boy bed!

Lucas does so well in a toddler bed now! Thank goodness! I really thought I was going to have problems getting him into one since all he's ever slept in was his crib. Once in a while he'd wake up in the middle of the night and he'd come in bed with us. That was rare though. As long as I read to him at night and follow the routine he's great with it. He looks so cute sleeping in his car bed. Here's a picture of him in it this morning just sound asleep!

I can't believe how big he's getting. =( They just grow up so quick!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Mumbers

Who origniated the game!
Used from Tiffany Townsend @
8- Hrs I worked today
3- Hrs I spent cleanning. (And doesn't really even look like I did much.. stupid kitchen!!)
2- Things I have ate so far that I shouldn't have (a raspberry zinger and crumb doughnut) that I
bought for Lucas today.
184,504,958- times I think I've told Lucas "NO!"
10- times I've said "I wish the weekend wasn't over yet!"
15- minutes it took me to pick out a counter top for our kitchen when I thought it would take me
forever! lol
2-times I've replayed the movie Cars so I could go through the basement, cook dinner, pack Lucas's old clothes away, and clean the house.
1- errand I had to run besides Big Ugly Warehouse (the bank)
247- new spam in my email
0- hours I spent at the gym in the past 5 days (I know bad!!)
72- dollars I spent on Candles from Partylite today!
5- times Lucas came up and gave me a kiss just because in the past hour
3- replies I just recieved from my post on Craigslist.
1- day down and 4 more to go until the weekend!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gavin's Dedication

Our nephew Gavin had his dedication today at Cedar Creek church. I never heard of one before. It's not a substitution to baptisim it's just a dedication mainly for the parents. They believe that a baby is not old enough to make that kind of commitment so they wait until they decide that they are ready.

It went well. He looked so cute in his little outfit today! He didn't cry or anything when he was up there with all the other families in front of everyone! I thought it was really cute. The pastor comes to each family and holds the child and says a prayer.

I've always pretty much refused to attend Cedar Creek because I tend to like the smaller churches. I always thought that Cedar Creek was kind of a joke or something. But it turns out I actually really liked it there. There are A LOT of people but it's definately my kind of church. They had a ton of different type of coffee machines and pop machines (all free)fountain. Which isn't why I like it lol. It's just nice because I'm a coffee fanatic! They have an awesome kids care set up. Babies until toddlers are all in different rooms. Like Lucas today was in the room for children age 2. So he was with all kids his age. They had a bunch of different slides and gyms and toys. He had a blast! Also they play Christian rock which is cool because it's not boring. They have a cool band and everything. I wasn't bored with it at all.

Dan doesn't like it very well. Which doesn't suprise me because we don't really like the same type of churches. He likes the more formal traditional services with no bands on stage. Where as I like the non formal churches with bands. I feel if I am going to a church and not really paying attention and am bored out of my mind then what is the point of going if I'm not getting anything out of it. So I think we are going to check out the one on Sylvania and Douglas since it's closer to our house than the Perrysburg church.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I am thankful for

- Having a job (even though I'm at that point where I can't stand it and would love to find another one!)

- My son! I can't imagine not having Lucas in my life! He has made my life so much more meaningful. Yes he can't be a brat at times, but what kids aren't? I enjoy waking up to him happy and wanting to eat breakfeast, I enjoy playing with him through the day and taking him to do new and exciting things, I enjoy giving him a bath at night and watching him play in the water, I love tucking him in at night and reading him a bed time story at bed time.

- Dan. Even though we have are moments where it can be very rocky. He is the love of my life. We have gone through so much in the 5 years we have been together. More than most people would put up with and have left, but that is what makes our relationship stronger and stronger. We seem to be able to work everything out. He has is moments just like I do. But he is a great provider, he loves me more than I think he should at times, and he's always there for me when I really need him. I love him so much!

- My family. I couldn't imagine not having them around for all the love and support. Especially my parents. I love them all!

- My animals. Yes I am thankful for my animals. I love my animals and they always love me no matter what. They don't get mad at me or anything. They always love me and want to be around me. When I'm sad and crying they always comfort me (especially Harlie my dog! She hates it when I cry. She's always licking me and rubing her head on me trying to make sure I'm alright)

- Dan's job. With his job we wouldn't have the stuff we have or live the way we want. We get nice clothes, do exciting things, take nice vacations, have money in the bank, eat at nice resturants, help out family and friends when they need it, pay our bills! etc..

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Not pregnant!

Took a pregnancy test today, of course NEGATIVE! I've been taking one every few weeks since we've been trying "just in case" but tonight I was sitting in the recliner trying to read Lucas a book and I got that flutter feeling in my stomach. So I hopped up and took a test. I was a little disappointed. I'd still like to put off being pregnant for a few months. I don't want Lucas to have to share his birthday or have it all that close to the other's birthday. Weird I know!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rough Sunday morning

Had a rough start to the day today! Lucas didn't want to sleep last night so ended up sleeping in our bed. When we got up he didn't really want to eat his breakfeast. Put on his favorite show The Backyardigans for him.. Nope didn't want any of that. So then I put on his favorite movie Cars.. He sat and watched that for a bit. He wanted his diaper changed since he pooped in it so I changed that. He still wasn't happy. He then began throwing his toys. Not aloud in this house! Kept telling him no and giving him time outs. Didn't help a bit!. He just was whining and throwing tantrums on the floor. Had no clue what was going on through that head of his. It was still early. Only like 10am. So I figured he must've been tired. Decided to lay him down in his crib, and wouldn't you know it, not even 15 minutes later my lil man was sleeping!

I am still trying to figure this whole blogging thing out! Haven't really figured out how to find people and read their blogs at all yet. I must say I am getting a little frustrated! lol.

Instead of spending all this time on here figuring out how to use this I really should be finishing up with the laundry! I have to be at a friends house in an hour for a play date with Lucas and their son Kaiden. **Hoping my son isn't tired and is happier than he was when he woke up this morning**

After getting Lucas down for a nap I managed to have a pot of coffee, played around on here, and read the newspaper. Some silence after all! I must admit it has been awhile since I've had a morning to myself like this. Boy do I miss them! When Lucas was a new born and Dan was working. Every morning while he'd be sleeping I would drink my coffee, watch The View, read the newspaper, play online, and get the house entirely clean and dinner planned. Of course it was much easier when he was so little and couldn't do anything but eat, potty, want loved, and sleep.