Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rough Sunday morning

Had a rough start to the day today! Lucas didn't want to sleep last night so ended up sleeping in our bed. When we got up he didn't really want to eat his breakfeast. Put on his favorite show The Backyardigans for him.. Nope didn't want any of that. So then I put on his favorite movie Cars.. He sat and watched that for a bit. He wanted his diaper changed since he pooped in it so I changed that. He still wasn't happy. He then began throwing his toys. Not aloud in this house! Kept telling him no and giving him time outs. Didn't help a bit!. He just was whining and throwing tantrums on the floor. Had no clue what was going on through that head of his. It was still early. Only like 10am. So I figured he must've been tired. Decided to lay him down in his crib, and wouldn't you know it, not even 15 minutes later my lil man was sleeping!

I am still trying to figure this whole blogging thing out! Haven't really figured out how to find people and read their blogs at all yet. I must say I am getting a little frustrated! lol.

Instead of spending all this time on here figuring out how to use this I really should be finishing up with the laundry! I have to be at a friends house in an hour for a play date with Lucas and their son Kaiden. **Hoping my son isn't tired and is happier than he was when he woke up this morning**

After getting Lucas down for a nap I managed to have a pot of coffee, played around on here, and read the newspaper. Some silence after all! I must admit it has been awhile since I've had a morning to myself like this. Boy do I miss them! When Lucas was a new born and Dan was working. Every morning while he'd be sleeping I would drink my coffee, watch The View, read the newspaper, play online, and get the house entirely clean and dinner planned. Of course it was much easier when he was so little and couldn't do anything but eat, potty, want loved, and sleep.

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