Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday Mumbers...
Who originated the game!
21~ Hours Dan and I had to ourselves this weekend!!
89~ Dollars we spent on dinner at Mancy's Blue water grill (a fancy dinner without a toddler!)
2~ and a half hours we spent watching Angels and Demons (excellent movie!)
3~ Hours we spent playing with Lucas at the water park Sunday.
45~ Minutes it took to get him used to the water park before he enjoyed himself.
30~ Bags of top soil I have to buy for my flower garden tomorrow.
0~ Bags I'm actually going to open right after I buy them lol.
10~ Glasses of water I've drank today. (I'm so thirsty for some reason, and no I'm not hungover)
8~ Martini's I had on Thursday night, followed by
5~ drunken hours of sleep, followed by
8~ long hours spent at work hungover. lol
4~ Days of work this week! (Thank you holiday!)
1~ Day down and
3~ more left until Martini night!

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