Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Mumbers

Who origniated the game!
Used from Tiffany Townsend @
8- Hrs I worked today
3- Hrs I spent cleanning. (And doesn't really even look like I did much.. stupid kitchen!!)
2- Things I have ate so far that I shouldn't have (a raspberry zinger and crumb doughnut) that I
bought for Lucas today.
184,504,958- times I think I've told Lucas "NO!"
10- times I've said "I wish the weekend wasn't over yet!"
15- minutes it took me to pick out a counter top for our kitchen when I thought it would take me
forever! lol
2-times I've replayed the movie Cars so I could go through the basement, cook dinner, pack Lucas's old clothes away, and clean the house.
1- errand I had to run besides Big Ugly Warehouse (the bank)
247- new spam in my email
0- hours I spent at the gym in the past 5 days (I know bad!!)
72- dollars I spent on Candles from Partylite today!
5- times Lucas came up and gave me a kiss just because in the past hour
3- replies I just recieved from my post on Craigslist.
1- day down and 4 more to go until the weekend!

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