Sunday, May 31, 2009

And then fun begins


I have started potty training Lucas. I think this is probably the hardest part of parenting. Well atleast the hardest part I've had to expierence so far how about that lol.

Lucas just started showing signs of being ready to train. When we went for his 2 year check up the doctor had asked me some questions. I answered no to all of them so she said not to start until he was ready. Well I had started unofficially. I bought him the potty and the potty chair and put him on it a few times. The first time I sat him on it he pee'd, but when we were clapping and getting excited he had no idea what he did. So I knew he wasn't ready. So 2 months after he turned 2 now he has been showing signs. He'll grab at his diaper when it's wet more than he ever did. Not every time but atleast half of the time. He'll bring you a diaper when he wants to be changed and just lay down. Which he used to throw a fit because he hated getting changed.

The only day this week he hasn't used the potty with success this week was Friday. But every other day he has pee'd atleast once for my mom, Dan or I. Usually it's only once a day. But hey it's a start! Yesterday it was twice!!!

I don't have to force him he goes up and pulls his pants down and I take off his diaper. Next month I'm ditching the diapers during the day and using cotton and rubber pants. I'll put a pull up on at night and when we leave the house. Hopefully this works as good as it did for my mother in law!

Wish me luck I know it can be stressfull! And I haven't even dealt with the hard parts yet!

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