Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Mumbers

who orginated the game!
7~ Martini's I had on Thursday night! (Didn't do much better than the week before! lol)
11~ Time I got home Thursday night.(MUCH better!)
1~ Week we've been seriously potty training Lucas.
4~ Times he's pee'd in the potty today!!
0~ Times I've actually had to force him in 3 days! (Getting better yay!)
30~ About how many flowers I planted this weekend.
100~ dollars I think I spent at Lowes on soil, flowers, and decorations for my front yard.
3~ hrs I slept last night.(I'm beat!)
1~ New Louis Vuitton purse and wallet I bought on Friday!
84~ dollars I spent at the grocery store Saturday.
1~ Day down and
3~ more to go until Martini night with the girls!!

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