Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday Mumbers
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1~ Awesome weekend I had!

4~2 The Penguins beat Red Wings on Thursday night.(boo!)

7~ Drinks I had while out. (But in about 5 hrs so that's good)

3~ A.M when we decided to stop partying in my backyard Friday and go to sleep!

400~ About how many texts I sent and recieved this weekend! lol

5~0 The Wings beat the Penguins! (hell ya baby!)

5~ Hrs we spent at the waterpark Sunday. (Mandy, Bailey, my niece, and I)

100~ Dollars I spent on the whole day Sunday.(Not to bad considering that was my niece a bathing suit, lunch, and 2 waterpark passes)

6~ lbs I've gained since my ass hasn't been to the gym. (Not as bad I as expected since I haven't been eating right.)

20~ lbs I want to lose (And I started working out and eating ALOT better today!)

7~ Days and our entire kitchen should be done except for the little painting we have to do around the bead board!!

2~Nights I had my niece stay the night.

110~ Dollars my job shorted me on my paycheck last week. (They forgot to pay us our holiday pay lol)

3~ Days left of work since I took Friday off

1~day down and

3~ more left until drinking night! yay

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  1. Hey girlie! Cute blog! Your son is adorable!!