Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dan's Father's Day gift...

Dan mentioned a few weeks ago that he'd like to get a cornhole set for the backyard for when we have cookouts or have people over. So I thought alright I'll look around and maybe that's what I'll get him for Father's Day. He actually mentioned something that was reasonable and I knew I could find. He is so incredibly hard to buy for. They ended up being more than I wanted to pay.
I mean he's not really that into sports so I didn't need to spend over $100 on OSU ones. So I turned to Craigslist. Of course! Lol.. One of my favorite sites. And wouldn't you know it. I found a guy who makes them for only $50. So I picked them up today. Now all I have to do is buy the bags to go with it and we will be set!

I also would like to take Lucas to Michaels and pick out some fingerpaints (of course washable!!!!) and make him a card. Like have the front with his hand print and then inside let him paint whatever his fingers paint lol.. Then I'd write something in it for him. I think he'd really like that!

Then of course I'll make him a really nice dinner or take him to dinner. I guess it all depends if he's working and if he's on nights or days. He's always worked the night shift on Father's Day=(.

Still undecided on our dads.. That will be a later post..
I always have to think ahead and try to do something special because they are all so different!!!
Not easy like me and my mom! lol (of course we are women take me shopping and I'm good lol)

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