Saturday, July 21, 2012

Games and movies aren't the cause!

I don't understand how people think. A guy kicks in the emergency exit door wearing a gas mask and throws a can of tear gas out and opens fire, shooting randomly. Many injured and several die. Ages ranging from 3 months to 45 years of age. What do people talk about? Why would a parent bring a 3 month old to a movie theater that late at night. It had to of been the media that made him snap. Movies and games are just so violent nowadays. I mean REALLY people!?! Really?

I don't understand how society can put blame on a video game or a violent movie. It's a movie. Fiction. Not real. Plain and simple. A violent movie isn't going to make you go out and buy a gun and kill people. This guy had this planned out. I've didn't just snap this was premeditated. He was already not right in the head. A sane person doesn't go in wearing a gas mask, throw a can of tear gas and shoot up the place. Not only did he kill and injure adults but he also killed and injured children. He had to of know children would be there. To me that's the sockets you can possibly get. Killing an innocent child. He was sick. Movies didn't make him this way. He can't blame it on video games.

People always want to put the blame on someone else. I'm not even saying the shooter is saying this. It's other people talking. It's something your born with or the type of environment you grew up in. Don't put the blame on an easy way out on something on t.v. I'm do sick and tired of hearing it! I grew up watching violent movies, playing with guns, and playing violent games and I am not a murderer.

I Took my 5 year old son to see this movie last night. He has seen The Dark Knight before also. Lucas is not violent in any way. I sensor some shows/movies but only nudity and scary movies. He gets nightmares from scary movies so I choose to not let him watch those. Violence and swearing is reality. I'm not going to shelter him. Some people think that's wrong. the media thinks violent movies and games make our kids grow up to act like this sicko!! I believe your born with a feeling to kill. It's in you from the day you were born. You born with a sickness. Normal people can't just shoot someone for revenge or just because. I do believe your upbringing and home environment can also play roles.

Say if your father was a leader of a gang and you grew up with him in and out of jail or killing and robbing people then your more likely to do the same as your grow up.. But seriously don't blame the tv and games!! Its just a place to point the blame. An excuse. Not reality!

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