Monday, June 25, 2012

Non existent

Looks like things will never change. At some point I think I may just snap. I get sick of being treated different. I get sick of being 2nd best. It wasn't always this way..

I'm a hard worker. I bust my ass. I was working 120 hour weeks there for awhile. I try and be super mom. I make homemade meals, I take Lucas to everything and so all sorts of activities and crafts. We learn, we play, we love. Ok I'm a good mom. And a good worker. And damn it I'm a good daughter, and I'm sick of being treated like this. I'm feel like I'm being punished for being independent.

When I lived at home, laid off for 6mths, paying a custody lawyer for custody of Lucas, carless ( since Dan took mine) and wasn't getting child support, I had to pay to live there. I paid water bill, I bought groceries, I bought dog food for both dogs, cat liter and food for both cats. I helped clean, did dishes, vacuum and I did most of the cooking. While my brother has been living there pretty much the whole time minus a few points where he did move out, he didn't have to pay anything and they never stuck to making him do anything around the house. Im not blaming my brother, since my mom never stuck to whatever she said with him.

It just gets old. I see stuff being handed to him for free and always helping him in every way but when it comes to something with me it's never that easy.

When Lee and I started planning our wedding my dad said he would give us $1000 towards it. That would cover food and alcohol. I never really counted on that money because my parents talk a lot but never actually come through with it. Well good thing I never counted on it and not having a wedding anymore because what do you know, they wouldn't have it anyways.

My mom can't take a day off work to go out with me for my bachelorette party. I really want my mom to go but she says she can't. Then that following Friday we are getting married and I told my mom that she better go out in the bus after. She said at one point that she couldn't because she might have to work. That pissed m off. I bitched T her because I told her the only reason why this is even happening is because she flipped when we told her we were going to elope in Cancun. I then told her she better go or else I'm done. I told her no difference if I was having a huge reception after she still would have to take off.

We aren't doing a big wedding. We are doing a small ceremony, pictures, dinner, and bar bus. I bet we buy our dinner and most of our drinks when we shouldn't have to. We have parents and they should be picking up that small amount.

Since they aren't doing anything for my wedding they better not when it's my brother's time. If you can't do for both then you shouldn't do for either.

I'm sick of being treated different. It's like they are there 100% with him. Yet only 10% with me. And that 10% is helping with Lucas. That's my mom helping take him to school for me so I can work, or the occasional day when I need her to watch him for a few hours. But that's it. Other than that I don't ask for help or anything from them, nor do they offer.

It's not that I can't say I'm happy I'm independent it's just I feel like I don't matter. Like I don't exist to them.

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