Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Board games rock!

Operation "CARS" Edition!



This is Lucas's favorite game right now. He got this from my friend Rae for Christmas this past year. Almost every day we have been playing board games. I'll ask him which game he wants to play and of cours he says "Mater game" lol. He's starting to catch on much more and not get as frustrated as he was when we first started playing. But all in all Operation is a classic and is fun no matter what our age is. I have a ton of fun playing this game with him! I would recommend this game to any kid especially a little boy!

Another one of his favorites is Spongebob Ants in my Pants. This was another game he seemed to have many frustrations with. But now he's a lil pro at it!

The top of Lucas's closet is full with all sorts of board games! It's always so much fun playing a new game!.. He has some classics like Hungry hungry hippos, the 2 I mentioned above, Dont break the ice, Rock em' Sock em' .. That game I love! Board games are a fun and cheap way to bring the family together and bond! We get silly when the four of us play board games!

One of my favorite board games as a kid was Guess Who and Battle Ship. I can't wait until Lucas is a little older and we can play! All y childhood favorites I plan on introducing to him so we can have fun together and can make new memories!

Here are some pictures of Lucas when we were playing Operation tonight.

Getting his piece out.

look at all my monnies mommy!!

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