Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Samples by mail!

Freefly's is an awesome site to join with lots and lots of freebies! I've signed up for laundry samples, beauty samples, pet samples, food samples, and others! I love coming home and checking my mail box to see what goodies I received! The best part about it all is its all FREE!!! It doesn't take long to request a freebie. Most sites you just need to fill out a form. Although I do highly suggest using a junk email address or creating one. I didn't do this at first and ended up receiving do much spam that my old email is now my junk email and I had to make a new one for actual use.

Some other places I sign up or my freebies are...

- All you has a daily freebie deal. A few of the daily freebies I've signed up for was, Arm and Hammer tooth paste, a cologne sample, Tcby ice cream, Miracle Whip sample, Fruit Garnier shampoos sample and more! I love this Site because it's daily you sign up for a freebie and it's sort of a mystery because you can't see what the freebie is unil the day to sign up.

- Walmart also has samples that they update occasionally that you can request. They are usually pretty useful samples also.

I have a pretty good stock up of freebies that I've received in the mail. They are nice to pack for a trip or a long day out.nlike the tampons or pads. Or mini shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, deodorant, and toothpaste samples are great for weekend getaway trips!


Another great way to receive freebies Is to look up blog giveaways and enter. I just started entering blog giveaways. Id I win something from doing a giveaway I'll make sure I come back and share!

I'm really into getting stuff cheap and free, as I'm sure everyone is. I get on my iPad daily and looks for freebies, coupons, email consumers for coupons, and enter giveaways! So if ou have some kick ass sites for me please share!

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