Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's coming fast!

July 13th that is.... Yeah the days seem to be going faster and faster now. Before I know it I'll be married..

The kids have their clothes. They do look cute as hell!! I just have to pick up Lucas's shoes and his bottoms. We both have our rings. We went and picked out what him and Dave are wearing. They are going in the next 2 weeks to get sized and ordered. I have to go next week to try on my dress and buy the slip and bra for it. Mandy has her dress. I have my photographer booked! Thank god Abbie is so awesome and doing it! I just love her work! I'm sooo excited that she will be doing my pictures!!! :) .. Next week we are going to meet with the pastor and also get our marriage lisence. Now I need to start working on my vows!!!

So we decided to write our own vows... I'm pretty good with words and with writing but this is one project that I think I may have a hard time doing! I'm going to start when I am off in la-la land at work lol. I figure I can jot some stuff down, at break when I'm in my car, At the gym, etc... I hope I come up with something good.

I'm curious to see how bad I freak out come wedding day. I know we are having a super small ceremony but I am terrified now, I can't imagine how I'll be come that morning. I told Lee today that I think that following week is when I'll really panic. Once it's final.. Ohhh man look out!!! I'm gonna freak like I've never freaked before! Lol

Everything will be final. I'll officially be Mrs. decker.. I'll be a Mrs. Omg!!!! Lol I won't be a Textor anymore. That is gina take some getting used to.. Wow.. And I mean... I'll be married! Lol.. Ouch! That's scaryyyyyy!

Lee doesn't seem to be nervous or scared whatsoever. I don't understand how he's not?? He's so excited to get married. Lol

I am excited to wear my dress though. It's been along time since I tried it on, I can't wait! Lol

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