Thursday, March 22, 2012

Easter Bunny will be hopping along soon!!!

I just LOVE Easter!!! So many fun and cool things to do!!!

I love making Lucas his Easter basket up and hiding it from the Easter Bunny. I make it all up the night before and put it in a celephain bag (since it's so overloaded!) And then I hide it from the Easter Bunny for him to find!.. Then of course we do the Easter Egg hunt!.. This year it just may be nice enough to do it outside!! Yay!

I still need to get him to see the Easter Bunny and get his picture taken with him! I got him such a cute shirt! Love it!

Since Lucas's birthday is right before Easter and his party is the weekend after I'm slacking majorally in the activity/craft department!! Although I plan on making up for during the weekdays!

Of course we will be coloring egss!!

I'm going to try something different with the egg coloring this year. I've seen many different ideas. One of them is by using Kool Aid packets. They are cheap, and there are sooo many different colors! I think the kids would have a blast with them!

I have Foam Easter door signs for the kids to make. Just something I picked up at the Dollar Tree. They always have seasonal fun crafts for kids to do. Which I usually pick up all of them! lol

Pintrest has a TON Of fun ideas to do!!

One that I plan on making for Lucas's Easter party at school are Easter Smores! They are super easy and are super cute!! They are colorful and I bet very yummy to eat! =)

We are going to make some Easter Cupcakes! With pretty spring colored frostings, and cake mix.. With some jelly beans and sprinkles! Mmmm yum! The kids love making cupcakes!

I'm renting the movie HOP, popping some potcorn (that's what Lucas calls it) and watching the cute Easter Bunny flick! This movie is a must have for Easter!!

BUNNY BAIT! This is a must make right here! Looks simple and delicious! I might just be making these also for his party! Here is the link to her blog. I got it off Pintrest though!

So many little things you can do for Easter for fun! Having a little kid makes Easter so much fun! With the easter egg hunts, pictures with the Easter Bunny, the baking, and arts and crafts! I'm like a little kid when it comes to this stuff. Dinner with the family! Dressing up!

What are some of the things that you do to celebrate Easter?

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