Thursday, March 15, 2012

Loving the GORGEOUS weather!!!

Although I have been sick all week I still have managed to enjoy some of this amazing weather that we are having! Today it hit 80 degrees!! In March?!? Wow! Yesterday we didn't do anything special with the kids. I was still sick. Lee took the kids out in the front of the house to play. Lex of course went across the street and played with her friend Stevie. Doing dances movies, playing on the scooters, and well girl stuff! lol.

Lucas was bummed. He wanted to spend all his time with his soon to be step-sister! But he managed to entertain himself pretty well! He rode his bike, played on his Transformers scooter, wrote with side walk chalk, played with his outside game mat, and the most fun of all... Kicking the ball! He was having a BLAST with this! He kept cracking himself up (not to mention Lee and I also! lol)

So Lee and I sat outside and watch Lucas "entertain" himself and us lol. I long for days like yesterday! The nice weather, The kids playing outside (not fighting!), soaking in the fresh air and sun rays!

I need to learn to enjoy the simple things in life again. That is what means the most. The simple, free, silly times with your kids! Lucas was having the time of his life playing with that ball. All I could do was smile =)

He was cracking up!! lol

I just love him so much! I love watching him play!

Get it lil man!!

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