Monday, March 26, 2012

Silly day =P

Random silly quotes, pics or whatever! I don't want to think about anything depressing or sad right now. I want to escape my head, my thoughts. So I'm going to laugh!

..I'm usually about Live Laugh Love and Dance, but today it's more like Raise Aim Fire and Reload..

If we're in the middle of an argument and I start laughing; be very afraid! (fyi this is true lol)

Does the sound of some people's voices not make you violently ill and the look of them make you wanna smash their face off a brick wall? No? Just me then? OK

Next time you're in the dressing room, yell real loud, "Where's the toilet paper?"

well another hard day,my imaginary friend was running with scissors, the voices in my head where fighting with themselves, and I'm still missing my helmet :(

A man shouldn't think they won an argument if a woman stops talking, she is only plotting his death in her head.

... Everything just seems much better when you're in denial.

nananananananananananananana Batman!

...throw me against the wall, pin my hands above my head and kiss me like you mean it! =)

Why does Sea World have a seafood restaurant ? I was halfway through my fish sandwich, and realized, "Oh my God.... I could be eating a slow learner !!"

I don't need anger management...don't piss me off and i won't get angry.

I'm right 97% of the time. who cares about the other 4% (haha!!)

Would love to just once look at the cop who has pulled me over and say "Bad Cop No Donut!" :D

I am most certain that men are from another planet, And i think it's about time that their ride comes to get them and take them back!

when and old lady pokes you at a wedding and says "your next". just do the same to them at a funeral. (almost spit out my water at this one lol!)

I never think about what I'm going to do. The voices in my head give me very clear directions.

I'm gonna buy you a kitten, make you love that kitten, then while you're sleeping I'm gonna come and smack you in the face with a shovel, and steal your kitten.

I'm coming out of the closet, yep, my glow in the dark watch stopped glowing.

is lonely, because I got into an argument with the voices in my head today and now we're not talking to each other anymore.

When I get bored sometimes I look at these funny shuffles and crack up! Lee will look over and ask me "What the hell are you doing?" Then I tell him laughing at the shuffles. Then I'll continue to randomly crack up. He won't even know what I'm reading and laugh because I'm laughing so hard and the dumbest shit! hahaha

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