Saturday, March 24, 2012

Just sayin...

*I could live off pizza and Mac n' Chz alone! Yum!

*Blue is and always has been my favorite color!

*Victoria Secret bras are all I'll ever buy! <3

* 2 Stores that I could be in for hours are Barnes and Noble and Toys R Us! These are 2 very bad, bad, stores for me! lol

* I avoid salt!

* I LOVE to cook!! I would love to go to culinary school!

* I'm a very hands on Mommy! =)

* I'm terrified of marriage!

* Not including my earlobes I've had 10 piercings! (lol wow I didn't think I had that many until I counted them out lol)

* My daily fluids consist of COFFEE!!! Water and milk. I HATE pop and rarely drink juice because it's to sweet.

* When I have the house to myself you'll find me either on the couch watching my DVR, on my bed playing Xbox, or reading a book.

* I have a problem with other peoples jealousy.

* I can't function without coffee! As soon as I drag myself out of bed I NEED coffee. I really wouldn't recommend being around me if I haven't had any either lol.

* I love to look at men! lol. Certain characteristics on a guy is what makes them attractive to me!. Ex: Blake Shelton- His smile! (sexy!), his voice, and his fun personality!

* I'm cold all the time.! If it's 70 I'm cold.

* I tend to lack patience

* Penguins are my favorite animal!

* Gerber daisies are my favorite flower.

* I'm a jeans and T-shirt kinda girl. (or tank top)

* I resent my father in so many ways. (near future will be a blog)

* Trust- something I don't do. I have a hard time letting people "really" in. That was ruined and I don't know how to change that or if I ever will.

* I suffer from migranes. Been on any and everything since I was 9.

* I don't think I'll ever fully be healed from my past. That's a feeling I'd love to be free from.

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