Saturday, March 17, 2012

What would you do?

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Ever see the TV show about how winning the lottery changed them? The smart decisions and dumb decsions that people did?

Everyone has the obvious answers. Buy a new house, parents a house, cars, put money up for children, invest, etc.

This is something everyone dreams of. Winning the lottery. If they won what would they do with it? How would they spend the winnings?

It's so fun to think about. Man I could do so much good with it. I could help all the people I love. Help charities that mean a lot to me. But I'm sure they thought that also. And some actually went through it all! Wow how do you win that much money and are broke? I couldn't do it. I'd invest for sure.

So today I'm going to visit fantasy land! What are some of the things I'd do if I won the money? I really only have one dream.

Besides all the obvious answers of shopping and stuff. I always said that if I won the lottery I'd buy a huge piece of land and build a HUGE farm! I would make it a huge animal shelter. Rescue any and all types of animals. There are so many animals that are abused, homeless, or need new homes. The Human Society is always full. Most animals shelters that I am aware of are always full. I'd try and make sure that didn't happen! Hire people to help take care of the rescue ranch. My family would help. My house would be right there with the ranch. This would be my new job and hobby! I am a huge animal lover. This would mean the world to me! Ohhhh how it makes me giddy just thinking about doing this! lol

I would hire a person trainer!! lol. It's so hard to work out alone. To know exactly what to work on and exactly how to do it. I would love to say I'd get lypo or something but I honestly am terrified! I'd rather do it the healthy way! I'd want to earn it. Knowing I accomplished my goals and earned my body!

I'd be "that" mom. That mom who makes EVERYTHING home made!! Who attends EVERYTHING!! Who does every class party. I get to do some of this now, but I would really be able to do it if I won the lottery and didn't have to work! That mom who does every meal from scratch (which I do a lot now but it's expensive and time consuming and I work WAY to many hours to do this every night). This is also something that would mean more to me than all the newest and coolest toys for myself! I'd love to just spend more time with my family. To go on big adventures to see the world. See the Grand Canyon, Mt. Rushmore, Colorado Rocky Mountains (something I've dreamed of since I was little). To go where the road would take us. Don't get me wrong I'd definately do the Disney vacations, Europe, Tropical Islands. But I'd just love to do all the fun stuff. Take the simple vacations!

Ok I need to get out of lala land. Mr. Lee keeps asking if I'm almost ready to go! lol. But fantasy land was nice for a few minutes atleast =)

I really am a simple person. I always want the new gadgets and love to shop. I of course would treat myself to this stuff. Which of course my family I'm sure would also recieve some. But I really think I'd do a lot of good. I really like to help people out.

Colorado Rocky Mountains! Gorgeous!!!


  1. I'd love to be a fly on the wall whenever someone wins the Lottery. Because I bet it's not always the jump up and down, beaming from ear to ear, crack open the champagne kind of event that everyone imagines or that the newspaper reports. Being made a millionaire overnight must be a huge shock to the system. And if it were me, I know that I'd panic first and then keep it as quiet as I possibly could. Sadly, going public with a Lottery win opens you up to all kinds of attention and I'd want to avoid it like the plague.

    The first thing I'd do, even before paying off my mortgage, would be to look into ensuring financial security for myself, even if I lived to be 110. I'd bank whatever sum was required and leave it alone. That way, if I somehow managed to spend the rest of the winnings, I'd have that to fall back on.

    I'd love to travel more and I'd love to be able to just buy that new PS3 game that I've been itching to play, no waiting for it to come down in price. I don't have any grand aspirations or desire to own a private jet or anything like that. I'd just like to never have to have financial concerns.

    To be honest, the bulk of the win would probably just sit there until I thought of something, much as my disposable income does now. And I can't imagine "something" being the kind of thing that costs thousands at a time. It might be a game, it might be a meal with friends, it might be a shirt that I'd buy if it weren't so overpriced. I do honestly prefer the littler things.

  2. I agree whole heartidly! I'm a simple girl.

    I would flip if I ever won. Like where to start! You'd have to lawyer up majorally! You'd have EVERYONE blowing your phone up, beggning you for money and help. I think honestly I'd be more stressed then than now! Don't get me wrong I'd love to win the lottery. I could do a lot of good with it. But I'd say ATLEAST the first year, would just be so hard!