Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Reading list for the summer

So many books... I could consume my days with books. It let's me escape reality and opens up a whole new world that I can explore with just a flip of a page. Open your mind and take an adventure. Sometimes I get in the mood to read a chic book. Where it makes me all giddy and takes me away to that fairy tale love that gets most girls. Lol. Yeah even though I'm not a typical girl, I still like that fairy tale love story. Sometimes I want a non fiction book, or crime/thriller, maybe even a sy-fyi book. Everyone has their preference. I read all along the map.

So far this is the list I have come up with that I just HAVE to read!

If I Stay by: Gayle Forman

Looking for Alaska by: John Green

Where She Went by: Gayle Forman

Once Upon a Secret: My Affair with President John F. Kennedy by: Mimi Alford

11/22/63 by: Stephen King

Claim me by: J. Kenner

Complete Me by: J. Kenner

The City by: Dean Koontz

Flowers in Attic by: V.C Andrews

Petals on the Wind by: V.C Andrews

If there be Thorns by: V.C Andrews

Seeds of Yesterday by: V.C Andrews

Garden of Shadows by: V.C Andrews


Paper Towns by: John Green

An a Abundance of Katherine's by: John Green

Labor Day by: Joyce Maynard

Leaving Time by: Jodi Picoult

Dark Witch by: Nora Roberts

Shadow Spell by: Nora Roberts

Blood Magick by: Nora Roberts

Trust me. I'm sure there are more. And many more I will come by or Others that I'll pick up because I just HAVE to have it and skip some on the list. It's what I do. And also depends on the type of book I'm in the mood for. Take my advice. Figure out your type of book and give it a try. What's the worst thing that could happen? You don't like it and you waisted a little bit of time that would've probably been waisted on tv anyways? :)



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