Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy this week

Happy this week

It's nice to looks back and reflect on the week in a positive note. Everyone has negative and upsetting moments. Sometimes we are so consumed by the negative that we forget to focus on the positive.

**On the 21st Lee and I went and seen Chevelle down at the HollyWood Casino. GREAT show! Chevelle was amazing!! Perfect weather it was cool out. Some drizzle during the last 2 songs but didn't even notice since I was to busy enjoying the show! And of course Pete was hot!

**Saturday Lee, the kids and I, Wendy, Chris, Helen and her boys all went out on the boat. Drank some beer, anchored the boat and did some swimming, and went tubing. It was so much fun. The came back the the camper and cooked out, drank, had a fire, kids fished (Lucas caught a catfish!) made s'mores, and hung out. All the kids came back to our house. Had a great time. It was very much needed to get out, let loose, and have some fun!

** Walked along the beach, sat along the shore listening to the water crash the shore. Then Went driving around saw some cranes, well a bunch of cranes, through a few different parks. It was rainy out but still made the best of it. Stopped off at one park and had a blast skipping rocks. Something so simple that is just so fun! It's so nice to get out and enjoy the little things in life. Would've stayed longer if the damn horseflies didn't eat us alive! One of the best days I have had in a long time.!

** Took Lucas off the meds that were making him sleepy all day with just a dash (yeah right how about a ton lol) of whinniness and attitude and put him back on his old meds. The first day of being back on old meds he was my happy boy again. We were standing in line at Rite Aid Wednesday and he just gives me the biggest hug and says "I love my mommy" that's all I need to melt my heart. I cherish those moments. All the rough days we have I'll take for the moments like those, they make it all worth while!

**Watching Lucas play, scream, and have a blast in the pool. Alone! Lol. He was having the time of his life!

** Great conversation with a good friend.

**Taking a full day and doing nothing but laying on the couch watching hallmark movies all day! Never get days like that for myself!

**Lucas and I getting invited for a Detroit Tigers Game with a good friend and his daughter! Our favorite baseball team, my first time at Comerica park and Lucas's first Tigers game! Super excited!

What made you happy this week?




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