Monday, July 14, 2014

Myself again.

Yesterday was my 2nd wedding anniversary. We keep it simple when it comes to gifts. When we got married I told Lee I wanted to do the traditional gifts. It is the creative, quirky gifts that mean the most. This year was cotton. I spent like $20 on his gift... A tshirt that said. "I love my hot wife" lol. I bought it awhile ago.

So when I came down stairs with his gift, on the counter sat 2 gift bags... And one was quite big. I immediately said "I thought we were keeping it simple?" So he tells me one was a last minute gift and I would understand when I opened it. He opened his first.. Now my turn. He tells me to open the smaller of the two. A pink leather journal that I can bend... Yeah I understood immediately, he said the other one sets it off..mNext up the big bag.... Fire proof lock box. Keys and digital code. Now it really makes sense. He looked at me and told me how bad it made him feel when I told him he took a part of me away when I quit writing because I couldn't trust him to read my journal again. Best gift ever.

I absolutely love to write. Not being able to for so many years has definately killed a part of me. Now I will be able to write without worry that someone will read my writing. I like to blog, sure.... But writing on paper with ink is an amazing feeling.



I now want to take a drive out to Maumee Bay and sit with my journal, a pen, and my thoughts while listening to the water crash against the shore. Hopefully I'll be able to take a drive out there and write... Take pictures. Just me, myself and I. Journal, camera, and my thoughts. Maybe even a coffee and sunrise.

I feel like I gained a part of myself back. I lost that years ago when I found out my husband, then boyfriend was reading my journal. My personal thoughts that I didn't want to share with anyone else but myself. I never wrote again. I can now unlock my thoughts and lock them up under code and key.


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