Monday, July 14, 2014

Happy this week

Happy This Week


Here we go again! Another day to reflect the past week and what has made me happy this week.


** Gorgeous weather! Warm days and cool nights. What more could you ask for!?!

** Lucas had his first sleepover at a friends house Wednesday night. Ok so maybe I took it hard (pathetic I know! Lol) but he was so happy so how couldn't I be?

** The perfect watermelon! Yes this makes me happy! So ripe, red, sweet and juicy!... Yummmmmm!

** Lucas had a house full of kids basically all week. I love him having friends over. Lucas and a bunch of kids piled into our pool and swam. Floating between the pool and jumping on the trampoline.!

** Tesla concert Friday night! Amazinggggg as always! I love Telsa! The singers voice and way he moves. He's awesome! Great show, and we were so close!!

** I bought Justin Moore tickets for july 27th!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo hoo!! Super psyched (if you can't tell!)

** Saturday my good friend Helen and I went out for her birthday. We went to Carmels listened to a buddy of ours DJ, had some margaritas and good food. Went out after, had way to much to drink, met new people, and had lots of laughs!... Had a couple stalkers lol, but I held my own. Makes ya feel good getting hit on though. Atleast I know someone still is interested in how I look lol.

** Sunday was our 2 year wedding Anniversary. We went to Gratzi's in Ann Arbor. Got all dressed up and had an amazing meal. I ordered mussels, scallops, and shrimp linguine in a pesto sauce. Yum! It's nice to have a fancy dinner where you never been at a REAL Italian resturant! Had a nice very nice meal! From the appetizer, salad, main course to the dessert it was all amazing! Before it was a resturant it was an old theatre, gorgeous inside.!

Appetizer.. Cured meat, cheeses, and grilles veggies.

Yummy salad!How amazing does this pasta dish look! My faveeeee!


Trimasu... So good!!

Waiter took our pic at dinner.


Gorgeous view!


** I had the weekend off! Probably last one for awhile! Boo!


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