Saturday, July 5, 2014

A little too much info!

~ I have a thing for bookmarks and ornaments!

~ Reading is my drug! If you know me you know that. It's an escape into another life, into another reality.

~ I wear only Victoria Secret bras and undies. They are super cute and amazingly comfy! I have am obsession with undies.

~ I'm nerdy in some ways.

~ Blue is my absolute favorite color, followed by pink of course

~ I'm a girly girl but I was always a tomboy growing up. I love guy stuff! I'm not your typical average girl.

~ I could eat Pizza everyday... Along with Mac n cheese! Yummm

~ Penguins are my fave Animal! Obsessed! Eeeeek!

~ I love any cute stuffed animal

~ Writing is a release for me. It's a way for me to release my thoughts, feelings, anger, depression etc...

~ I love taking pictures. Lucas hates it! Lol. I would love to go back into photography. Maybe take a class at Owens.

~ I lOVE anything superheroes. Movies, clothes, accessories anything! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Batman are by far my favorites! Always have been!

~ HUGE animal lover right here!

~ I like eating healthy.

~ But I love candy!

~ I hate pop. I don't let Lucas drink it, but on a rare occasion. I'd rather not have pop even in my house.

~ I'm an Irish girl, which means I'm a beer drinking girl!

~ Lucas is my life! I tend to be obsessed with him. Lol. But he's my one and only. Followed by Lucas is princess Harlie. She's my little fatty fat. Can't imagine not having her. I got her a few weeks before I found out I was pregnant.

~ I battle depression on a daily basis. Some days are worse than others, but most days I hide it pretty well.

~ my phone is my bad addiction.

~ I love shooting my bow!! It's so calming. One day I would love to go hunting.

~ I'm not a super adventurous person. I have a hard time with change and going out of my comfort zone but it doesn't stop me from trying new things. I wish I was more adventurous but when it comes down to it I'm a worrier and chicken shit lol.

~ country music is the shit!!

~ My shows...for now that is lol are. Criminal Minds, Chicago Fire, Decious Maids, Duck Dynasty, and Castle. Thank goodness for DVR because sometimes it takes me weeks to watch them!

~ Love sports! Football (Lions), baseball (tigers) hockey (red wings) basketball (celtics)

~ sports I participate in- baseball, basketball, football, soccer, tennis, basketball, golf, batting cages, shooting guns, shooting my bow, fishing, bowling, tennis, running, I'm down with it all!

~ I love playing video games!!! Especially fighting ones. Or shooting. I love mortal kombat! all the batman games! call of duty. I'll play any of them once. Racing games also!

~ My eye sight sucks. Supposed to wear glasses but I don't.

~ I'm a terrible passenger. Car or plane!

~ I've never really traveled anywhere. Been on one vacation and that was to Cancun. But I would love to do more. I want to just drive and not have it planned and make random stops and see where I end up and what I see. To me that would be fun!

~ A trip to the beach seems like a vacation. Laying on a blanket in the sun with a book. Heaven!

~ Ever since my dad can remember I have been obsessed with visiting the Rocky Mountains. Only in Colorado though. I have no clue why! Lol

~ I want to own a farm with tons and tons of animals!

~ I'm a dreamer. Bad... And I day dream.. I drift away and dream. All. The. Time. Lol

~. I hate having all eyes on me. Which is why I didn't want a big wedding.

~ I can't dance, nor have any attention learning.

~ I HATE bugs!!!!!

~ I'm a good friend, i would do anything for my friends, I just never seem to get that in return.

~ I want to take drum lessons.

~ I love to cook! I love trying new recipes. Every week I am trying a new one.

~ I really would love to have another baby. I wanted 3 and I have 1. But I will settle for 2. I think it will kill me later if I only have 1. It's not something I can get passed, that feeling, that longing for another child. Lucas wasn't planned. I don't eant to plan my next either. It's scarier planning one than not planning it!


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