Thursday, July 10, 2014

Better at the show!

One great thing about warmer weather, more concerts!!! I have quite the line up so far! Just seen Chevelle at Hollywood casino. Fantastic show! I love their music and they put on one hell of a show! This Friday we are going to see Tesla. I LOVE Tesla!... Seen them last year at The Quarry. Same place almost same date as last year lol. July 27th I just bought Justin Moore tickets!! Eeeeekkkk! One of my top 3 favorites! Seen him a few times and I just love him! Not a song he sings I don't like! On Juky 30th I am taking Lex to see Panic at the Disco. I can't believe they even are still out and making new music and touring. One of her favorite bands. So her and I will be driving to Cleveland for her first concert! I'm so excited to go on a girls road trip! August 8th is Ted Nugent at the Rib-Off... Yummy! We go every year. Get a group of friends together, eat a ton of ribs, drink some beer and listen to some rock! On September 1 is Lee Brice and Cole Swindell. First time seeing both! Awesome!!! Then on October 11 is my Florida Georgia Line and Jason Aldean concert! Woooooooo hoooooo! That's the big one I'm super psyched about! Them and my Justin Moore. Hopefully there will be a few other ones thrown in there.

I love concerts! I love the music, the experience seeing the words brought to life in front of you. One of my all time favorite things to do! I have seen so many bands. My first concert was with my dad when I was in the 5th grade. He took me to see Ted Nugent and Alice Cooper. Actually kind of funny because Ted Nugent was my dads first concer, my sisters was also Ted Nugent and we are 15 years apart. I think that's pretty weird. I did have a great time with my dad. I was hooked ever since!

My mom loves Nickelback and Staind as well so for 2 of the Nickelback shows I took her and all o3 times I seen Staind I took her. She loved it and had a blast. She's not a big concert person anymore but it was nice to get her to them.

I took Lucas to his first concert last year but we had to leave to take Lee to the emergency room so he didn't get to see it. We had tickets to Brett michaels. I'm hoping to take him to KISS. He calls them blood guy and loves the, lol. Or Godsmack.

So far I have seen a wide variety of musicians. I'm going to try to list most of them. I've seen so many I know I will leave some out lol.

Ted Nugent (4x), Alice Cooper, Blessed Union of Souls, Nsync, 3LW, Staind (3x), Nickelback (4x), Three Days Grace (5x), Slayer, Mudvayne, Default, Jerry Cantrell (Alice in chains), Five Finger Death Punch, Linkin Park, The Used, Tool, Snoop Dogg, Kid Rock, Dierks Bentley, Chevelle, Saliva, Godsmack (2x), Tim McGraw, Luke Bryan, The Band Perry, Darius Rucker, Easton Corbin, Blake Shelton (2x), Brad Paisley, Justin Moore (3x), KISS (2x), Finch, Buck Cherry (2x), Tesla (2x), Sabastian Bach (skid row), Papa Roach.


I know there are more but I'm drawing a blank on some lol. Wish I could find my binder of tickets!


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