Thursday, July 3, 2014

Throw back Thursday

Its fun looking back at all the pictures of the past and remembering all the memories and fun times. It always makes me sad seeing all Lucas's pictures from when he was little. I miss him being small, and it makes me realize how fast he's growing. But I do love looking back at all the fun things I've done with him and places I've taken him!

Lucas almost 3. So cute playing with his tool set! Oh how I wish I could go back to this age. So fun and curious!. I miss him being so little!

2 months after turning 2 years old. He was helping daddy with the yard work. So cute!!!

First day of preschool!. My big boy! 5 years old off to preschool at Regina Coeli. How adorable he looked!


Karate boy!.. Lucas loved karate! This was also taken when he was 5. I'm hoping to put him back into it if I con him into it lol.









Preschool graduation was so cute! They all dressed in red white and blue and sang songs. The they recieved their preschool diploma. After that they had ice cream sundaes for everyone, played a DVD of all the kids pictures throughout the year, and even handed one to all the parents! So cute!


My 26th birthday present from Lee. Detroit Lions tickets!!! They played the 49ers. Amazing game! Best game out of all sports by far I been to!! Had an amazing time. Love my Lions!!!


Lucas and I picking strawberries! Something different and fun to do. He had so much fun! He was 4 here.

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