Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Make believe

<3 All girls want the fairy tale <3

Cinderella gets her prince charming with the glass slipper. Snow White gets rescued by her prince. Sleeping Beauty is awoke by her prince with a kiss. All girls want the fairy tale.

Why do girls love chic flicks? They are a fantasy! All woman watch romance movies and want that! We want that kind of passion. We want our prince to rescue us from whatever it is we may need to be rescued from.

I of course like many other women love chic flicks (as well as many other genres). I could curl up on the couch in my pjs with a couple of good chic flicks and be in heaven. When you watch romantic movies it makes you melt. You have that "I want that" feeling. I personally get giddy watching romantic chic flicks!.. It's like you put yourself in the other girls shoes. You get to imagine what it's like to be her. That feeling that they are feeling at that moment when that one who she has wanted and waited for kisses her for the first time.

All girls want this. Which is why I think we are so drawn to romance movies or novels. It's like it calls to us, lol.

For example, The Notebook! I don't know a girl who doesn't LOVE this movie! It's like the most romantic movie ever!... After a summer romance they go their separate ways, although never forgetting one another. Even though years apart they prove love conquers all.

Or Pretty Woman! Another classic! God I love this movie! The way Richard Gere looks at Julia Roberts in this movie you'd think they were in love. The sex scene. So passionate and romantic. The ending where he screams up for her and climbs up the ladder even though he's terrified of heights! So sweet!

We all want that prince charming to sweep us off our feet. That kiss we get butterflies for. A guy to hold us in his arm and hold our face with his hands and kiss us like they mean it.. This only happens in the movies though.

MOST girls (I included, even though I'm not super lovey dovey I still like it!) like the sweet little gestures a guy makes. If it's pushing your hair out of your face, grabbing you in someway, grabbing your hand, putting his arm around you, hugging you for now reason, laying on the couch or cuddling up in bed watching (none other than a romantic movie! lol). We all love the little affectionate touches.

We want that passion when we make love (Ok not always! haha) That passion in your eyes when you look at us, when you touch us, and kiss us. We want what's in the movies. To be able to go to him for any and everything. If somethings wrong we want to be reassured your there. We want a best friend, a lover, a man. We want a protector. All woman want the same thing in many ways. Just with other stuff thrown in there. =P

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