Tuesday, April 10, 2012

7 things

I'm going to start the 7 things list again. I'm going to try and do it every day. If I blog that day I'll do it at the end. Let's see how well I stick to this! HA!

7 things that attracts me to a guy..
1. Good with kids (especially mine! lol)
2. Works!!
3. Hands. I'm a hand girl all the way! (Don't get me wrong I'm for sure an arm girl also! And the lower belly.)
4. How well he can make me laugh. I love it when a guy can make me laugh. But he has to know how to be serious and take things serious also.

5. If I'm in my lounge clothes with my hair just thrown up and no make up on watching a movie on the couch or in bed. Is still attracted to me. I don't like it when a guy thinks a girl needs to be done up all the time for her to be attractive!

6. Is there for me in every way. (Which needs to be mutual)
7. Animal lover. Point blank. !

Obviously there are the norms. Trust, etc but this is more specific!

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