Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Best friends for life!

Been best friends for 18 years. Wow!!! When Mandy moved into the apartments that I lived in and we met, we were instantly friends. I dropped all my other friends and we were joined at the hip from then on.

We did everything together. Partners in crime! She lived right upstairs from me. We pretty much lived together. Her mom just assumed I was staying for dinner. We really didn't have to ask to stay at eachothers house, it was pretty much a given on the weekends. In the summer well we just split it between our places lol.

*Building our "robot" out of boxes and spare parts from appliances haha!!*

Playing hide and seek in the whole apartment complex! Mandy's cousin hiding "love" notes all around her bedroom! lol.. The Polish festival every year!.. Going swimming at night with the lights on in the pool!.. Paging people and leaving the pay phone number at the pool! haha.. Splitting bag of chips and each getting hot dog from 711.. Subway.. Walking to ace hardware to make copies to make a coloring book! lmao!.. DARNELL!!.. All night skate at Ohio Skate!.. The drug store!.. Them kick ass breadsticks from the pizza shop next to the drug store! Yum!!.. Flicking Dewey and them chicks off and running like a bad outta hell!.. The Ouijia board lmao!.. Bringing the bear to life with candles haha.. Ringing door bells and running.. Papa Johns at your house, Hungry Howies at mine!.. Playing Nintendo in your room all night. Bubble Bobble, Paperboy and Super Mario 3 were our faves!.. Getting all set up to play barbies and then we'd be done.! Always making Pat play Ken haha!.. Hide and Seek in your bedroom with Cliff, Jordan and Pat lol.. Ricky and Derrick!.. Me and Ricky sticking gum on the door knobs.. JIM!! LOL... Northtowne Mall.. Me, you and Amber going and seeing Final Destination!.. Home lane! lol.. Nick and Tony.. Your dad walking in on us with HOT DAM! You with the bottle and me with the shot! ut oh! lol.. "Becky they had boys in the house and they were smoking cigars!" hahaha... My mom busting in on Jeff, Jason, you and I smoking weed and drinking lmao!! Chasing Jeff with the broom up the stairs!.. Maid of honor in your wedding.. Martini nights.. Going in hungover after 8 martini's! lol.. Horseman!.. Remember locking your keys in your car and had to get online to find a ride to get your spare? haha.. AOL.. Getting your car stuck in the ally in the snow haha!.. Putting to much oil in your car and blowing the engine! WHOOPS! LMao! Your dad was soooo mad at us!.. Your 21st birthday party!.. My 21st birthday party (we both called off the next day lol).. Liquor all over your car when we drank outside all night, and the cops coming!.. St.Patty's Day!.. Indian's vs Detroit game with Rick and Dan.. Walking all over Cleveland til god knows what time!.. Me taking my pregnancy test at work, Me:Mandy it's jsut a very faint line.. You:Nicole there are 2 lines your pregnant! lol.. You were first to know!!.. Homecomming dance.. Sneaking wine coolers from your moms basement to drink lol.. Jello shots.. Thirsty Thursdays at Tonia's!.. Beer Pong.. Major Magics.. Being drunk swimming in your pool having Brian flip us over on the rafts!.. Going to Cleveland with me and my mom! The Power ranger night light flickering on and off, the water turned on. Hiding under the blankets!. My 13th birthday party when we scratched the "unnamed" persons cds on my skateboard! haha.. Sneaking me out to malibus because my mom and dad wouldn't let me! lol..

God girl that's only part of it! We've had so many memories!

We've been through it all that's for sure! We just instantly clicked! We were made to be best friends for life! I remember when we lied to your mom and said you didn't have school and you stayed the night with me and went to school with me lol! And then we lied and said we didn't have school and went to Swanton and hung out with a guy lmao!!

Man we were trouble makers! We've always been there for eachother. I'm glad you've been my partner in crime. I wouldn't have it any other way. I always want us to be this close. To tell eachother everything. To be there for eachother through the hard times and the fun times.

I love how we can look around and notice something, look at eachother and know EXACTLY what eachother's thinking and laugh! I love how we have that connection. There aren't many people who have friendships like we do. Who have been friends for 18 years like us. That's rare. And we are just beginging!

Your my sons godmother. I'll be your sons godmother. They will grow up to be close and family! Lucas will always look after his little "brother" just as we've always looked after eachother. They will be best friends just like us.

I remember when you went to your papaw's in Lima for a week and I was sleep walking, opened the door and walked up stairs and knocked on your door. I walked back in and my dad happened to hear the door. See I missed your ass! lol.

I'm glad that I have a friend that I can tell everything to. That I know that if I ever need anything your there. When things get rough and I'm upset I can always lean on you. And you can always do the same. We are so much alike in so many ways. We aren't just best friends we are sisters!

I love when it starts getting nicer out. We start our weekly drink fest at the horseman! lol.. We do the cookouts at your house, eat, swim, drink and bullshit! Go to all the fairs and carnivals! I'm so looking forward to doing all that with our kids this summer! I can't wait.

We have been through it all with eachother right by eachothers side and I wouldn't change a thing! I'm so glad you've been along for the crazy ride we've both shared! I hope our boys end up just like us girl! I love you so much!!!

"Best-friends are like sisters except God didn't make us the same because he knew that one mom couldn't handle us."

"BEST FRIEND- someone who has been there for you through everything & they know more things about you than anyone else!"

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