Saturday, December 29, 2012

I'm giving this a 10++++

Lucas begged and begged for Sylander's for Christmas. I heard good things about the game so I decided to give it a shot. It did seem confusing with all of the characters that they make for it. Different elements. I heard you need certain characters for certain parts of the game. So I was lost on what to exactly buy.

I bought Skylander's Spyro Adventure's for my Xbox 360. I just got him the starter pack. Since we did Christmas with Santa on Christmas Eve morning because Lucas would be with his dad Christmas morning I got to see the game played before I purchased anything else. Well ToysRus ended up having Skylander's buy one get one free. They are $10.99 a piece. So I got 4 for the price of 2. I have him those when he got back from his dads.

We are both hooked on this game! There are 7 elements so you should start with 7 different figures, since you need certain elements for certain areas of the game. Their are 32 Skylanders characters for the Spyro series. Then they recent,y came out with Skylander's Giants.

Eventually we will get that but probably not for a year. This will keep us plenty busy! It's a very fun game and story line. I love this game and am hooked myself! You can play one or two players which is nice since I get to play with Lucas and I can also play my own game while he's in bed! Lol.

So I highly recommend this game for everyone. Not just boys or kids but for girls and adults also! Very fun game for everyone!!


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