Thursday, January 17, 2013


I love my husband very much. Like every person I have things that I love about him and then I have things that drive me nuts! And as we were sitting on the couch watching a t.v show he did something that just annoyed the hell out of me and I nicely said how it was annoying lol. So I'm going to write! I have many many things that I love about him. So many I probably won't remember and miss some of the important ones. But I'm clarifying now there are many things that I love about him, and outweigh my pet peeves! :)



Things that drive me nuts!

- We will be watching a tv show and he will turn it to something else during commercial then I get interested in that one and then he turns it back and we missed something in what we were originally watching!


-He freaks out when his nose is plugged or stuffy. Like he will panic and say he can't breathe lol. Open your mouth babe you can breath. And he will sniff non stop and blow hard in and out. Then I have to tell him if he's going to continue he needs to do it in the bathroom lol.


- He's like OCD to some point. He will walk by our desk pick up papers and move them to another spot. He's always moving things and loses them. I know where I sit or put something then he will move it somewhere else. Just because he needs to do something.


- Everytime we get into the car, (I usually drive when we take my car) as I'm driving away from the house, he opens up the visor and looks in the mirror at his goatee and/or his hair wether hyenas a hat on or not. Lol he's worse than a girl!


- When we go somewhere its all about the food. He can walk into someone's house and if there's food out he will say something about it or eat it lol. As much as he loves food you would think he would be on those shows for how big someone is and can't move! Lol.


-When we argue he will repeat what I said with a question. And when he does he answers it and twists it around. Drives me nuts! Lol



A few things I love!

- He's always there. Plain and simple. Whenever or for whatever reason I can always count on him. That's means the world to me.


- He never complains. He's always happy and in a good mood. (Yeah total opposite from me, which is why I say we balance each other out lol)


- He will clean up animal crap/vomit, change diapers, clean up any of our puke with no problems at all. I have a weak stomach so if he's home he cleans it up. And he doesn't care. Just does it like its nothing. <3 him so much for that.


- He will take me to any Girly,lovey dovey, chic flick movie I want to see and enjoy it. He says if it makes me excited and happy then he's enjoying himself. :)


-He goes shopping with me and likes it!


-He does housework.



There are many things that I love about him, these are just the uncommon things that my husband does that makes me love him even more! This post wasn't at all in a negative way. Just something quirky that I wrote because he did it right and there lol.

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